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At AGI we are committed to helping families and loved ones navigate this process from the very beginning. As a person myself in long term recovery, I am acutely aware of the difficulties that can arise for both the person of concern and their family seeking help. Today I work towards providing the same assistance I wish my own family received when we didn’t know where to turn. Addiction is a family disease in that it truly affects everyone. I encourage all parties to recognize this and allow themselves their own journey of recovery.


We believe that an intervention functions best not as a confrontation or an attack, but as an act of love and concern. Addiction, at its essence, is an illness and we are here to help our clients enter treatment to alleviate the suffering this disease is causing them and their concerned parties. Intervention is an opportunity to interrupt and redirect destructive patterns caused by the addiction. It is a starting point for change.


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.”

-William James 


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Intervention is a carefully planned process where a professional organizes a meeting with a person of concern and their network of loved ones to thoughtfully address the problem at hand, including  facts about addiction and awareness about their present condition and treatment options. The process of intervention is a very effective strategy for helping both a person of concern and their family to begin a journey of recovery.

Intervention offers the opportunity to begin a long road to recovery. Case management encourages the highest rate of success by keeping clients engaged in treatment. Research has shown that case management is an effective complement to substance abuse treatment.

There are a number of situations where a Sober Transporter may be needed. Some seeking treatment at addiction treatment centers may have to travel long distances. Departing treatment centers to return home for the next phase of recovery can also be challenging. Sober Transporters from AGI  accompany the client to and from their initial treatment facility, but this is only the beginning. 



— Fran, Mother of a client

"I am forever indebted to Ashley Gaede for her professional intervention with my son. I felt so helpless and lost and simply did not know where to turn. Gratefully, I was led to Ashley, and she just took it from there. My son was in a downward spiral. He needed help desperately, but refused to admit it, and I did not know the way ‘out’. Thankfully, Ashley stepped in. She knew exactly what to do.   It has been over two years now, and we (my son and I) are eternally grateful. He is living a WHOLE new life. I thank God every day for leading me to Ashley. She is amazing."


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AGI is committed to offering the very best care to persons of concern and their loved ones as they navigate addiction treatment and recovery. AGI believes in a reality-based approach to addiction treatment that considers the unique needs of each person and their family. AGI is not employed by nor do we receive any form of compensation from the treatment centers or providers that we consult with when seeking placement for our clients.

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