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We believe that an intervention functions best not as a confrontation or an attack, but as an act of love and concern. Addiction, at its essence, is an illness and we are here to help our clients enter treatment to alleviate the suffering this disease is causing them and their concerned parties. Intervention is an opportunity to interrupt and redirect destructive patterns caused by the addiction. It is a starting point for change.


More than 20 million people in the United States are currently struggling with addiction. One of the hallmarks of the disease is denial. Often the person suffering from addiction is unable to recognize that they need professional help. More often than not, the person using or drinking is actually doing so against their will. This is the nature of addiction. An intervention offers an opportunity to educate all parties involved on the facts of addiction as a disease and offer tools to move forward into a journey of recovery and freedom from substance use. An intervention aims to show the person of concern the truth about how their actions and behaviors around the addiction are causing problems for their loved ones as well as risking their own health and well-being.


Addiction is a cyclical, chronic disease. While convincing a person of concern to enter addiction treatment is an important step in interrupting the cycle, it is rarely sufficient on its own. Essential to the long term recovery of a person suffering from addiction is continued treatment, especially in the critical days of early recovery and transitioning between a treatment facility and longer-term recovery environments. As a trained ARISE® Interventionist, Ashley believes in creating a continued care program to support both families and their person of concern in bridging the gaps between their phases of early recovery through ongoing Case Management.

AGI is committed to offering the very best care to persons of concern and their loved ones as they navigate addiction treatment and recovery. AGI believes in a reality-based approach to addiction treatment that considers the unique needs of each person and their family. AGI is not employed by nor does we receive any form of compensation from the treatment centers or providers that we consult with when seeking placement for our clients.

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